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Adding a new puppy to your family is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a big commitment and you should be 100% prepared and dedicated to raising and caring that puppy for his/her whole life. Finding a good breeder is part of the preparation process of adding a new addition to your family.

Pug breeders are everywhere, unfortunately the profits to be made by some breeders by the sale of a puppy is great. That and the high demand for pugs has made a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there only interested in making a quick buck. It is very important to do your research on a breeder before purchasing your puppy. Again, you are responsible for caring for that puppy for life, and buying from a bad source could cause many headaches down the road.

When you do find that good breeder and the time has come to pick out your puppy there are a few things you should do first. Many people ask whether or not to get a boy or a girl. To tell you the truth it is a personal preference. Neither is easier to train, or has more behavioral issues. Your puppy will turn out just the way you train it to be.

When picking out your puppy there are a few steps you should take. A shy puppy may well make a great companion, but may also take a little longer to adjust to his/her new family. A happy, active, curious puppy will be a fun addition to your family, adjusting easy and getting used to his/her new surroundings. There are also alpha puppies, leaders of the pack. These puppies may be harder to train then others. A simple test for this would be to flip the puppy on his/her back. If he/she squirms to turn back over you’ve got yourself an alpha puppy. Alpha puppies have a mind of their own but can be trained. They will just need to be shown who is the boss.

You should also check your puppy for any visible health problems. A puppy should have clear eyes that are not runny. His/her ears should be clear of wax. You should not be able to see the ribs, or should be cautious about a pup with a pot-belly (first sign of worms). The puppy’ coat should not be dull looking, or have bald spots. The puppy should at least be 8 weeks old. Any younger that that can cause serious training and behavioral issues. You should take your new puppy to be inspected by YOUR vet shortly after bringing him/her home. A good breeder will supply you with a health guarantee.

Prices of pugs vary in different parts of the country. They generally range anywhere from $300.00-$1500.00. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. Reputable breeders generally do not advertise their litters in the paper. They plan their litters and have homes picked out for each puppy before they even breed their dogs. Reputable breeders will more then likely have a waiting list.

Most importantly you should be comfortable with the breeder. If you aren’t comfortable you should not buy a puppy from that breeder. Make sure you get references when choosing a breeder also. When interviewing breeders for the first time, do NOT see the puppies. Once you see the puppies there is no turning back even if the breeder is not reputable.

Good Luck on finding that new addition. Unfortunately Pugworld can not recommend any breeders. Go to local breed shows to start interviewing breeders or contact the AKC at and ask for a breeder referral, but remember even with an AKC referral you still need to do your homework when selecting that breeder.

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