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Results of Pug Poll #2
What best describes your pugs snoring?
348 votes
Sounds like a freight train 70 or 20%
No worse than my spouse 78 or 22%
Music to my ears 168 or 48%
What snoring? 32 or 9%

Hello and welcome to Pugworld. Our spotlight pug this time around is Tess. Be sure to visit her spotlight page to read all about her. Also be sure to tour the photo galleries, here is where all the Pugworld pugs are featured. You can also meet other pug owners by joining our Pugworld pug forum. If you like to share stories and photos of your babies, or just brag a little bit, we'd love to have you. In the meantime, feel free to check out our site and share in our love for pugs. We hope you enjoy.

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One pugs struggle with PDE.

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