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Thor is my only male pug, he is 8 years old and lives with his two fur sisters and 2 human brothers, and of course me! Thor came to me as a puppy at 10 weeks old. I had lost a baby that I had so badly wanted and was grieving, but that didn't last long because I got my four legged bundle of joy just weeks after. Thor was a frisky little puppy, who would followed me everywhere I went and still does. He became my Pooker boy!! At the ripe old age of 5 months, Thor's had some clicky noise in his hips! We took him to the vet. They said that my baby boy had hip dysplasia!! Well, they operated on his little hip and in a few weeks he was back to normal. Thor just gave his Momma another scare when he woke me up very early one morning because he could not stand up. He kept falling to the right. I rushed him to the vet, we learned that Thor had a slipped disk. After many test and much worry Thor was operated on and today Thor seems to be doing well. My big Pooker boy has slowed down, but he still likes to steal your shoes, play tug with his little fur sister, give big sloppy pug kisses, and eat liquorice, mmmm that's his favorite! Thor's favorite place to sleep is my head!! Yep, my 27lb pug thinks he is a little pug! He is my calm pug, he will sit and look in dismay at his crazy sisters when they romp and then will go back to licking his paws for a past time. Thor brings much joy into my life, he has such a loving gaze that could steal your heart in one beat, that gaze and his unconditional love has Thor being our special puggy boy. There is nothing more heart warming than being owned by a pug!!!


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