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As we move ahead into the summer months we'd like to remind you some of the hazards that come with warmer weather.

1. Do not leave your pug in the car. On a warm day temperatures inside a car can be in excess of over 100 degrees. Think about it, a crack in the window isn't going to do much good, especially if there's no breeze. Do your pet a favor, leave them at home.

2. Never leave a pug unattended near a body of water. A dip in the pool sounds great on a hot day doesn't it? Not to someone who can't swim. With their bulky bodies and double coats of fur most pugs sink like bricks. They can still enjoy the cool waters safely though if you purchase them a doggy lifevest. Wading pools for kids is also a great way for a pug to cool off, as long as your there to supervise.

3. Allergic reactions to bug bites or plants. Talking with your vet on this subject before it happens will keep you from panicing when it does happen. Ask about using Benadryl and the proper dosage for your pug.

4. Do not allow your pug to over exert itself. Even a short walk on a warm afternoon can get your pug to panting heavily. It's best to schedule these activities during the morning or evening hours when it's cooler outside. Do not leave your pug unattended outside for any length of time. Supervise even the slightest potty break and watch for any signs of heat exhaustion.

5. Bottled water. If a day trip is necessary, be sure to keep a bottle of water on hand for your pug and something to drink it out of. Make sure to offer it often, remember, they can't tell you when they're thirsty.

6. Fenced in yards. Again, supervise your pugs playtime outside. It only takes a second for that car you didn't see.

Hope these tips will make even the most knowledgeable dog owner stop and think for a second. Have a healthy, happy, safe summer.

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