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Please read before e-mailing Pugworld:

Submitting photos:

The pugs featured in our photo galleries are owned by Pugworld Pug Forum members. The decision has been made to no longer except photo submissions from internet users "passing through" Pugworld. We do invite you to join our Pugworld Pug Forum and become an active member.

Health issues:

Pugworld does not staff an online vetrinarian. We do invite you to join our Pugworld Pug Forum where we have alot of knowledgeable pug owners that might be able to answer your questions. For any emergency health issues please consult your vetrinarian.

Where to obtain a pug:

Pugworld is not a rescue organization. Pugworld also does not give breeder referrals.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this website, please e-mail us at

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